We love Jesus.  We love people.  And we want people to know Jesus as we do.  Our purpose is to build up individuals in the way they are gifted by the God that pardons us and provides for us.  We have lots of questions in life, so we come together to figure them out.


ONE Church is a brand new church in the heart of Cincinnati.  Our focus is on people rather than events or activities.  We build up the individual as well as come together in community.  We come together in every day life.


We are a church without walls.  While we will in time come together as one church to celebrate, we currently meet in small communities across the Cincinnati neighborhoods.  We meet in common locations where our guests can feel comfortable coming together.

ONE Church is new.  Our site is even newer.  While we develop our site and add more content, please visit our social media pages to learn more, keep up with where and when we are, and learn more about us.  We would love to hear from you!